Cameras were rolling at the Guzman-Jacob Manor

Camera Crew: Karen lets go ahead and do a sound check. Count to 10

Karen G: 1..2..3..4..5..6..7

Camera Crew: That’s Good. Travis count to 10

Travis: 1….2….3….4….5….

Camera Crew: That’s Good

Karen G (to Travis): Were you worried about messing up? I thought I was going to forget how to count.

Travis: Me too!!

Life is full of experiences, good ones and bad ones but this week we were able to have one of those lucky experiences that doesn’t come by very often. We opened up our home to some great people paying us to be recorded and videotaped discussing…… PIZZA!!!

A couple of days ago, Travis took a survey to see if he qualified for a pizza study that was being conducted in our area. There are several steps to being picked for it so I wasn’t holding my breath and even when he received the call he was told that it might not even happen. I think its because we live out in the Suburbs and it’s a drive for people to come out to our side of town. Regardless of all of that we were confirmed the morning of the event. Yay, I didn’t clean for nothing!! LOL!!!

Prior to the crew showing up all I knew was that we were having people come over to record us giving our opinions on pizza then we were going to order some, eat it and talk again. And it was exactly like I was told by Travis but 10 times more fun. The beginning was slightly awkward as they are setting up in our dinning room and I’m just standing around trying to make small talk which made me have diarrhea of the mouth. I felt embarrassed for myself. Once everything was set up and we had mics, we sat down at the table and were instructed to introduce ourselves and what we like to do for fun. What I like to do for fun?!?! We have all been sick and/or in recovery for a MONTH. I can’t even recall what my life was like prior to having to wash sheets daily and cleaning up after sick people. Of course, I ended up having to go first so I told myself to just go with the flow and wing it, after all, winging it is my kind of style just look at my makeup. 😉

As I’m not sure what all I can talk about I will fast forward through the initial interview part where there were some embarrassing moments by all of us around topics such as: how we met, someone having a Freudian Slip and saying “topless” instead of toppings and me trying to be a lady when explaining why I need to turn off my mic when going into the other room then finally blurting out to the camera guy, “I don’t want you to listen to me go pee!”. For sure we had the crew laughing throughout the night. Even just now talking about it now I can feel myself getting all hot inside. During this initial part in which personal things are just coming out of our mouths, my brain is starting to realize that we signed away the right for them to use this info however they want to use it. Yikes!

Secretly I’ve wondered what it would be like having our own “reality” tv show. We are funny spontaneous people and already put our business out there so why not right? Well the second part of the night made me realize that even spontaneous, creative people need to be directed. When the food arrived, we were given instructions on how to go about opening the food so that it could all be captured on film and a “Be natural so that we can capture your initial reaction to the food.” OMG it felt like when my mom would try to take a natural picture of us and she would tell us suck it in, don’t hunch over, smile and don’t be look like a robot. We had to do this twice, the first time around I probably did look tense then the second time around it got better. The part that did not get better for me was the one on one questioning. While we were eating I was being asked questions about how I felt about the food and the camera was about a foot away from my face. I hope I didn’t have food in my teeth but I am thankful I wasn’t the person talking to the camera with sauce on their face. I wont name any people though. 🤣

Once we wrapped up we were thanked for our time and for being great. Yes, we were great! What I heard was affirmation that we would be interesting enough to have a show. Bahaha!! Realistically I don’t think we could deal with the cameras in our faces for long periods of time or the immense spotlight but for a one-time experience I enjoyed it a lot!

PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊

Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS

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