5 Day Cleanse that will make you shed pounds, gain years and save you money!!

Every year we all make goals for ourselves as to what we hope to accomplish in the new year. Some want to learn a new language, travel more, buy a new home, lose some weight or find a new love but then somewhere along the way life happens and we forget our goals. Well not this year!!! This year I’m trying something new and instead of setting my goals to take place next year, I will be welcoming the new year as a new me. I will be doing a 5 Day cleanse and I hope some of you will join in as well. I promise there will be no crazy dieting or eating healthy (unless you want to).

My 5 Day cleanse which will consist of:

Day 1.  Shedding the extra weight – I will be cleaning my life (Facebook, IG, phone) of those people that only bring me drama. I’m so sorry that life is not going your way or that you keep on making the same mistakes that lead you to a bad situation but I’m not a bank nor a counselor. I can only help you if you want to help yourself but if you want to wallow in your own pity party than “Bye Felicia”!

By doing this, I should be able to shed a couple of hundred pounds along with all the emotional baggage that has been thrown on me.

Day 2.  Declutter my closet – I spend on average 30 mins a day trying on outfits. That means that on average I spend 3 ½ hours a week, 182 hours a year and a total of 8 days trying to figure out what to wear. Guess what Karen… that super cute black dress that hugged all your curves just right was great 5 years ago but I will never wear it again. I’m no longer a mid-20s single mom looking for love in all the wrong places.

Get rid of those old clothes that you know you will never wear again. All you are doing is wasting your time away and when you wonder where did the year go, you can tell yourself that 8 of those days were spent in your closet.

Note: Things you could have accomplished in 8 days: A 7 Day cruise to the Caribbean plus travel time to and from home, learn self-defense, read a classic novel or listen to 2800 songs.

Day 3. Organize – I always talk and post about cooking because I really enjoy feeding my family but the amount of time and money I have spent on lost ingredients is incredible. I hardly ever use paprika but somehow, I have 2 full bottles of it at $3.00 each and I have 10 taco seasoning packages costing $1.00 each. So far that’s $13.00 plus the time it cost me to look for it. Just from a quick glance at my pantry and spice rack, I can say that I’ve spend $100 on unnecessary items all because of the lack of organization in my kitchen. If I’m smart this year, I can buy myself a Roomba with the money I will save. 😉

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned  ~Benjamin Franklin~

Day 4. NO!! – I will be saying no more often. No, I will not rush to do my job because of your lack of planning. No, I will not rearrange my day because you forgot your lunch (Yes my child, you can eat the school’s lunch). No, I will not take time away from my clients because you (random stranger that is already working with another Realtor called me) wanting me to show you ONE home because your Realtor is away on vacation and didn’t leave anyone in their absence.

Day 5. I will love myself – If you are a mom like me that has 2 kids and always on the go, you beat yourself for not looking beach ready 365 days a year. Even though I’m not in shape I’m also not gasping for air when we go for walks. I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure nor high cholesterol. Every week I’m either running around after my 1 year old or I’m running from one showing to another. I have a man that loves me just how I am and adores my love handles so I should love them too.

Loving myself means that I don’t need to stare at my body in front of the mirror every morning. I don’t need to be so hard on myself for all my imperfections after all I have given birth 2 beautiful, healthy kids.

January 1st is just another day unless you make an effort to make a change. Why give yourself goals that you will most likely not finish? Instead join me and prepare for the new year by getting rid of all the things that are holding you back. You deserve to be happy and live a fulfilling life.

PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊


Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS



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