You know that amazing feeling you get when you wake up one morning and say, “Yes! I’ve kept my child alive for a whole year!!!” Ladies and gentleman, my baby is finally turning 1. I obviously knew that I was capable of keeping her alive since child #1 is 10 ½ years old but I was actually more worried if I was going to make it through those 365 days. Today though I’m giving myself a hand for making it through the first year and not losing it.

As a mom having your baby turn one is a big accomplishment specially since you have to go through some hurdles to get there. Once you get past the process of conceiving, your first challenge is having to pee on that stick which I feel like there has to be an easier way of taking that test. Then comes the long weeks before you can go see your doctor for your first visit. For me it didn’t feel completely real until I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Before that first visit I kept on thinking, what if I’m just getting fat? What if I’m not really pregnant and just getting my hopes up for no reason? But hearing her little heart beat so fast made it real.

We are pregnant for 9 months which seems like years and everyday you wake up hoping that time would go faster as you can’t wait to hold your baby. Then comes “The Day” and for everyone its different, the first time I went into labor it took 16 hours. I remember the nurse telling me that I was yelling too loud and I was scaring the other ladies but being only 20, I was more scared than I was in pain. Ten years later I was a champ and kept it together. It also helped that labor was only 3 ½ hours.

Time does a funny thing though, 9 months go so slow, the hours of labor whether long or short just become a blur and seeing your baby for the first time just becomes a moment that stands still.  All of it is followed by one day waking up and realizing a whole year has already gone by. I still remember those sleepless nights. I remember my friend calling me every morning and I kept on missing her call because I would be sleeping. I remember the day that my baby decided to feed all day long (and I wasn’t bottle feeding her at that time) all I did that day was sit on the couch. All those memories are very special to me as I see how strong and healthy my baby is now.

But if there is one thing I would have done differently it has to be that I wish I wouldn’t have bought a new house while pregnant. I was 5 months pregnant when we started looking for a home and it was the biggest roller coaster of emotions I had ever been on. At one moment, I broke down in tears because I thought my life was doomed because I might have commitment issues. Bahaha!!! Yes I’m laughing so hard right now at myself for thinking that I had commitment issues. I was hormonal which was very different. Then moving into the house was another giant mess that we encountered. The sellers flooded the baby’s room and ruined the carpet in 2 bedrooms. On top of that I was left with a home that was trashed out.

On average, baby’s 1st year will cost parents $10,000 (hospital, clothing, formula, diapers, etc). Buying a home can cost buyers roughly $9,500 (Assuming the home is $200,000: 3.5% FHA Down payment, $100 option fee, $2,000 earnest money and $400 inspection). Having to spend nearly $20,000 for a baby and a home, you can imagine what it was like knowing that we were going to have to spend more money to fix what someone else did to our dream home all while pregnant. Even though it was so stressful, I wouldn’t have wanted to wait till after the baby to get a home. There was something so special about decorating my baby’s room and everyday sitting in it waiting for her to come home.


PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊


Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS



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