This Mommy & Me Team had a Bad Day ☹

As the holidays move in, the Real Estate season starts slowing down leaving me with more time to spend with my babies. One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the ability to do is be one of those lucky moms that go to the park. The way I imagine a day at the park is all these adorable babies just learning how to play and all the moms sharing stories. Well let me tell ya that’s not how it went.

Baby J and I decided to go to the park and I was just so excited since she has never been to the playground. We get there and just like any other excited mom, I took several pictures then I let her go play. Baby J was intrigued by this little girl on a yellow horsy so we walked up to this little girl who was accompanied by her mom. This little girl’s mom immediately commented on how much and how long Baby J’s hair is and then asked how old she was which I responded with, “Oh she is 10 months!” She was surprised that she was already walking.

Knowing the mom protocol, I know that the polite thing to do is to complement her baby and ask the same questions back. Well… it turns out that her baby that had maybe half an inch of hair had just started walking and she was already 13 months. I reassured her that babies all hit their mile stones at different times. She then grabs her baby and walks away from us. We were shocked and confused as to what we possibly did wrong but we just continued about our day.

Later that afternoon we made a trip to the mall since we had some extra time in between errands. I thought that maybe a small more controlled environment would work for us so we went to kid’s area. We walked the area and settled on this rock mountain and there were 2 little girls playing but they immediately wanted to get away from us. They said Baby J was “Yucky!” I wasn’t going to stand there and take it so we moved to another section and landed on the merry go round that doesn’t move. We were having so much fun and laughing which attracted a little boy to come over to us. At first it looked like he wanted to hug Baby J but once he got close, he grabbed my baby by the hair and started shaking her!!! I tried to pry his fingers open but it wasn’t working so I squeezed his wrist hard to get him to let her go. He finally did but my poor baby was screaming and crying. If you are wondering where the parents were that will make two of us because no parent came over even though everyone was looking at us.

While I’m holding my baby on my lap trying to fix her hair and comfort her, the same kid swings at her which I block with my arm and push him away. Now….. here comes mom. She comes over to me and asks how old Baby J is which I respond 10 months and she was very excited to let me know that this giant baby is also 10 months (Yes, my baby is on the small size since I’m only 5’1”). I give her a very confused looked and she continues to tell me that he is just a baby and doesn’t know any better. My jaw dropped!!! REALLY?!?!!? No apology?!?! I looked at her grabbed my baby and walked away from her since I found her presence intolerable.  As we are sitting on the floor putting our shoes on, here comes this terror child’s slightly older brother and stomps on my baby’s shoe!!! I’m about to burn a hole through this child when dad comes over and says “Oh he is sorry.” No sir, you should be sorry about your children’s behavior.

For this blog there is no Real Estate note as the mom in me is writing this not the realtor part of me. As a mom, I teach my children respect and boundaries as I want them to grow up to be good human beings. I don’t believe in spanking but a NO goes a long way. They are babies and don’t know any better but we as adult do know better.

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