They’re just not that into you (Meaning Me!!)

There is one important lesson in life that I wish I would have picked up sooner and that is that not everyone is going to like you. That reality is hard to understand and to swallow. How can it be that you have all these people that think you are the best thing since sliced bread then there are some that just really don’t care for you. As I’ve gotten older, I can now understand that some just won’t like me but what do you do when you are working with a client and they like your NON-Realtor boyfriend better than you?!?

This past week I was working with a super lovely couple. They were so nice and I think the whole time we looked at homes they didn’t make one single bad comment about any of the homes we saw. Do you know how hard it is to hold back comments when you see a house that looks like it was decorated by a colorblind camo loving safari interior designer?? It is very hard!!

I will admit that I might have done a thing or two that might have brought my likeness down but it was accidental. We were about to head to one of the homes when my lovely Samsung phone decided that it did not want to route me to the next home. Luckily they knew where it was so I followed them to it but as a Realtor it just makes you seem inadequate. Then on the next and final home we were looking at, I made the mistake of taking us down the wrong street. The street ended in Drive but I clicked on Pkwy and half way there I realized the mistake and we had to turn back around. We only lost about 5 minutes of drive time and 5 minutes of me apologizing. After this eventful day, I was still feeling okay and thought they liked me but then Travis came along…

A couple of days after I had showed them homes, the couple contacts me and they want to see a home but had limited time to see it as they were about to head back out of town. Travis, the kids and I were out shopping so I really didn’t have time to go all the way home drop them off and come back to the area that I was already in so I made the decision to have them come with me. When they arrived, I introduced everyone and started looking around. I could see there was some hesitation about the home so I started talking about what changes could be made to the home and how the home could look like once they put their personal touches. Immediately my other half, who is a huge fan of Fixer Upper, just starts talking about opening walls and making changes. This lit up the buyer’s attention and they started drinking the Travis Kool-Aid. Next thing I know they are wanting to hire him for a renovation/redesign and I’m being asked to hold the baby so he can check out some sloping issues and the roof with them. Wow!! Like I finally realized what it was like to be in my own shadow.

My lovely sidekick never complains when he goes on showings with me and he actually really enjoys going with me. I never hear him say a peep when I’m doing my things and he needs to chill back in silence. It’s not like he is naïve about home purchasing as he currently works for a company that deals with nationwide mortgages and he also watches plenty of renovation shows. 😉  I just learned that my shadow is rather cold and lonely.

In the end, we were not able to make the deal happen due to unforeseen circumstances but when they called me to let me know they made sure to bring up how much they loved my Travis. They really enjoyed his point of view and how he pointed out the small little things that others oversaw. I guess I’m happy just knowing we provided a feel-good home buying experience even if I wasn’t the brightest star of the day.

Lastly, I want to end this blog by urging all homeowners and future homeowners to rally. The current Pending tax reform plan threatens to wipe out the tax benefits of owning a home for 95% of American families. Homeowners currently pay 83 percent of all federal income tax, and it shouldn’t go higher in order to fund a tax cut for corporations.

Let’s keep home ownership affordable!!

PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊


Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS

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