The Mommy Realtor is a Foodie

If you follow me on Instagram, it is no surprise to you that I really enjoy cooking. Growing up and all the way up to my early 20s I really didn’t “get” cooking. The stove and I just didn’t get along and if I tried anything new, it didn’t turn out very good. Per my #1 fan, my baby sister, I’m sharing some of my tricks, tips and easy recipes. Having a life, career and not eating out constantly can be achieved you just need to learn a couple of shortcuts.

My biggest shortcuts are cook extra and reuse. What I mean by that is that if I’m baking chicken, I bake extra and use it the following day in a different recipe.  I also use the same ingredients but in different ways to make other meals. My family was in love with Migas (for breakfast) and my delicious Tortilla soup (for dinner) which both had pretty similar ingredients.



-Tortillas (4 tortillas per person; White corn is best)

Chunky Salsa (1/2 cup per every 4 tortillas) I really love WalMart’s Chunky Salsa but if you want to use a different one use one that is fresh that has tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro

– Mozzarella cheese (1/2 cup, to taste)

Queso fresco (Mexican crumble cheese)


Tortilla soup

-Tortillas (2 per person; Yellow corn tortillas is best)

-Chunky Salsa (1/2 cup per person)

-Chicken Broth (1 cup per person)

-Cheddar Cheese

-Taco Seasoning Package (for a family of 4 use 2 Tablespoons)

-Shredded Cooked Chicken (optional)

-Corn (optional)

-Black Beans (optional)


I started my morning knowing I had plenty of time to do some extra cooking so I actually fried all the tortillas in the morning including the ones for the tortilla soup.


Tortilla Chips

Cut the tortillas into 1 inch squares. I do about 4 per person but if I know they are extra hungry I make extra.

I actually use my wok to fry the tortilla chips. Put enough oil to fill it up about 1 inch, enough to cover the chips.

I drop them in once the oil is hot and smells hot. Yes, I cook using my sense of smell and by sight versus thermometers.

The tortillas are the longest part of these 2 recipes which if you feel comfortable with your stove and skills set the temp on med-high as it makes it go faster. Otherwise, just set the temp on med and take your time so that you don’t burn them.

Once they are golden, I placed them on a plate.



In the same wok, I left about 2 tablespoons in it. Carefully add the chunky salsa about ½ cup for every 4 tortillas. If you don’t add enough or just want more, you can add more at the end.

Once its bubbling, turn the heat off and add the tortillas.

Mix and add the mozzarella cheese.

Once its melted, serve and top off with the crumbled cheese.


Tortilla Chicken Soup

Like I previously said, I fried the tortillas in the morning while I did the breakfast ones so they were done.

Take a pot place on medium heat. Add a table spoon of oil

Once the oil is hot add the salsa

When the salsa is boiling, add the chicken broth

Add the taco seasoning

If you want chicken and/or corn and/or beans add the desired amount after you add the broth.

Once it boils you are done!

Top it off with the tortilla chips and cheddar cheese


This took me 20 mins to make.

Definitely try the Tortilla Soup. It was so good and easy to make!!

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