Sometimes you have to choose to drag it

Routines are those things that we have a love hate relationship with but secretly enjoy. I don’t secretly enjoy them, I’m actually very vocal of my love for them. After assessing my current routine, I decided to make some changes to allow myself some extra time with my family and I made the big decision that Grocery Day will no longer take place on the weekends and instead I would go early in the week. In mommy world that is a big change!

On my first day testing out my new routine, I loaded up the kids took the oldest to school and baby J went along with me to get groceries. We went to one of these Bulk Size Stores that sells you like 100 rolls of toilet paper per package. Everything was great until we got in line and realized that somebody’s diaper had to be changed rather quickly. Out of line I go and straight to the closest bathroom. Lately changing her diaper is like fighting a baby crocodile. She does this move that I’ve only seen crocodiles do in which they start rolling until you release them. Luckily when I came out nobody had messed with my cart. Back to the check out line and out the door we went.

As soon as I walked out the doors, it felt like the cart had something stuck in the wheel. I looked at the wheels and saw nothing so I continued. It wasn’t until I crossed into the parking lot that I definitely felt something was wrong. The cart was very hard to move. I looked down again and the rubber part of the shopping cart’s wheel had come off the actual wheel. I’m thinking NO WAY! NO WAY!!!! I stood there trying to analyze my situation. Do I try to go back and move all the groceries from one cart to another as well as the baby then come back out?? Or do I just drag the cart to my car?? It was about the same distance from where I was to the door as I was to my car. So I decided to just drag the cart to my car. The next 5 minutes felt like an hour.  The amount of things that go through your mind is insane.

I caught myself thinking, “Is this what it feels like to drag a donkey that wont go? When was the last time I even saw a donkey? Did I wear enough deodorant? When was the last time I went to the gym? I really need to get some more upper strength (I’m not in shape but I’m also not out of shape)!! And is anyone looking at me?!?!” The answer was yes!! There were 2 men that passed by me that were out there seeing me struggle with a baby, a cart full of stuff and a giant case of toilet paper which I always feel like people judge me on how much toilet paper I buy. Just saying, it would have been nice to received some help.

It was a nice cool 74 degrees that morning but by the time I got to the car, I was breaking a sweat. I popped the back of my car and to my surprise it was full already with the stroller and other baby stuff. Ugghhh!!! So now I have to drag it a little farther to the other side of the car so I can put the groceries in the back seat. I have to say, bless my baby’s heart. She was trying to hand me stuff to put in the car which was the first time ever and I couldn’t enjoy it because I was embarrassed and all sweaty. Dragging the cart 2 spaces over to the cart holder spot was a lot easier now that it was empty. I buckled Baby J in and turned that AC to the lowest it would go.

I sat in my car for a bit and thought, “Did I make the best decision?” Sometimes it is hard to think that you made the right decision when it ended with you feeling worn out. I could have gone back but the trouble I was going to go through was, in my opinion, more of a hassle.

In Real Estate, we negotiate an option period which allows you time to think about your decision and get an inspection done on the home. Depending on the age of the home and the maintenance it received, the Inspection report can be scary. The report is a couple of pages as it points out every flaw that is obvious to the inspector. I say obvious to an inspector because an inspector can not inspect what is behind the walls, sheet rock or flooring. They can only report on what they can see.

After you look at your inspection report, you have to decide what steps you will take next. Do you:

a) Move forward to closing                                                                                                               b) Negotiate some repairs                                                                                                                  c) Pass on the home and start all over

This period is very important as you have limited time to decide what is in your best interest. What home flaws are you okay living with and at what point is it just best to walk away and keep searching? My best advise is be reasonable and go with your gut.

My gut this time told me to hang in there and just push through it.


PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊


Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS

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