OMG I didn’t do all of my homework?

We are heading into our second week of school and I’m actually excited!! Our first week of school was the best one we’ve had in 6 years. This is all thanks to us moving into a school district that allows kids to attend any school within the District and students that meet certain qualifications can  apply to attend Magnet schools in the area.

We first learned about it last year, when they had an open school fair for all the schools to attend. After my son learned about it he could not stop talking about it. On Friday’s they have an Elective class (that each student picks) and they range from spray painting, photography to creating your own Pokemon. My son being such a techie, he knew that he just had to do whatever it took to get in to this school. At that point in time, it was just  doing research about the school, meeting deadlines and wait.

Application time finally came around which was a very easy process but then we had to do some more waiting. When we finally heard back, we found out we were wait listed. As a mom, there are those moments in life that you feel a pain like no other and telling your child disappointing news is the worse. But we were not going to give up and I kept on searching. From the information I found, I realized that I could get on another waiting list giving us a better chance. In the end, 4 weeks before school started we were notified that we were IN!!! Yasssss!!!

We attended all the events the school was having before school started and even followed all the appropriate Facebook Pages. We bought the school supplies from the school so we knew that he had everything he needed (and because its also a pain to track the stuff down). I joined the PTA which I had not done in past and because I was worried about traffic we did a couple of practice runs in the morning leading up to the first day of school.

On the first day of school, I woke-up early and made breakfast. I loaded up the baby and my son then took off. As we started getting close to the school, we start noticing the kids wearing khakis and red polo shirts. It wasn’t just one kid or two there were several kids and they were all walking toward the general area of the school. Immediately my stomach wants to fall out of my body because I realized that I didn’t bother reading the school’s dress code policy. In my mind there is already a route being created to the closest store and I’m just debating whether I should take him with me and have him be late to school but in dress code or drop him off then bring him a change of clothes. My son is freaking out and so am I as we drive up to the school. The cross guard stops us and that’s when we see that all the kids are wearing just regular clothes. OMG I can breath again. Those students must of been attending another local school. I drop off the kiddo and kiss him goodbye knowing that it could have been worse but for today I was a good mom for getting him there with plenty of time to spare.

We are all human and  its bound to happen that we forget to double check the smallest thing like dress code. The first week of school turned out to be fabulous but it wouldn’t have ran as smoothly as it did if it wasn’t for all the prep work that went into it. It started with taking the time to scout the school, research the programs, apply, follow up, research other ways of getting in and planning our morning routine to assure that we would be there early. Ohh and a lot of waiting!!

We put a lot of effort into things such as our outfits our kids and the same should go into finding the right home. Most buyers get the basic down which is finding a Realtor and getting approved but forget about the rest such as:

  • How much does your money get you in the area that you want to live in?
    • Price per sq ft
  • Are you accounting for HOA fees?
    • HOAs can place limits on what you do in your property
  • Are you giving yourself enough time to find a home, secure financing and close on it so that you are not in a rush to get out of your current home
  • Do you know what the Home Buying Process looks like?
  • And if you haven’t been told before, don’t get any additional debt
    • Getting a new car or credit card will affect your debt to income ratios and cause issues with your home loan

Do your research and ask questions!! Yes I know that you can’t wait to start looking at homes and judge sellers’ decorating skills but the process will go smoothly if you have already done your homework.


PS – If you are looking to move or relocate to the Dallas Area, let me help you find your new home. I promise to make your experience a wonderful one and I will entertain you with all of my stories. 😊


Karen Guzman with JP and Associates REALTORS

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